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Walt Disney World Planning Site
Welcome to Mousesource.com!

This site was developed to aid in researching trips to Walt Disney World.
Mousesource.com is a compilation of all of the great sites that I have come across over the years and consider to be invaluable resources for planning a trip to WDW, or just staying up to date on all things Disney.

Included on this site is my blog to talk about anything related to the mouse, as well as offering up my own personal tips when it comes to planning a trip, or just entertaining yourself while you await your next trip
Here you will find key links that will assist you in planning your trip, save you money, and save you time in line (you don't think you have to wait in those lines do you?)

I also have included links that can help curb your appetite for Disney by staying up to date on all of the latest news through various Podcasts, Forums, Articles, as well as chat rooms.
I wanted to make this a simple, user friendly site that will help you sort through the many great sites with information on Disney.


Need help planning your trip to Walt Disney World? Download this file and answer the 10 questions; then send me an email to bradwood@mousesource.com
I am happy to assist you with any questions you may have.


About Us

 I have long been a fan of all things Disney. As far back as I can remember I have been a Disney fan. I can never seem to get enough of it. I will read, listen, or watch just about anything that has to do with the mouse.

Over the years I have come across some very good resources that help me stay up to date on all things Disney 365 days a year. Whether it’s planning my next trip to Walt Disney World, helping friends or family plan their trips, or getting over the blues after I return from a trip, I can never seem to get my fill.

To me half the fun of a trip to Walt Disney World is planning it. I love planning 2-3 trips in advance and then tweaking them the closer I get to the actual date. I am always the person that family and friends (even people I have met online through the Disney Community) go to when they decide to take a trip to Walt Disney World.

I constantly find myself staying up to date on all of the latest news through various podcasts, forums, articles, as well as chat rooms. I also run this website devoted to helping others plan trips to Walt Disney World. Not only do I help them save time and money, but I also educate them on the best attractions and places to eat.

I literally have two separate lives: There’s my normal everyday 9-5 job and family life (Think Clark Kent). Then there’s my 2nd life where I turn into a Disney Super Geek. (Think Superman with Mouse EarsJ)

I truly get enjoyment out of helping others with my Disney Knowledge. I am a current D23 member as well as a DVC Owner at Saratoga Springs. I have been to Walt Disney World several times with my wife and entire family. I have two children 18 & 13 who have grown up with and tolerated my Disney obsession. I have become very proficient in navigating my way through the parks, and have learned many secrets and hidden gems found within each park. I have toured the parks with children and without.

I developed this site to help others maximize their time and enjoyment while in the parks.

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